Deluxe recommendation: book about the changing of the luxury fashion sector



Is luxury still best that money can buy? What are we paying for when quality has given way to quantity?

This book is not exclusively focused on sustainability/responsibility issues in the fashion industry. It rather gives it gives a fantastic look behind-the-scenes of fashion brands in the luxury fashion industry. The author describes the transition in the luxury fashion sector, from family-owned businesses to multi-billion dollar global corporations, from design and exclusiveness to mainstream and mass-market production, from local production to global production, from European/North American markets to Asian/South American markets. The book gives the reader an interesting view on the diminishing “values” on luxury goods and consequences for society and environment.

It is an easy read that triggers deeper reflections on their own consumption behavior.

Book: “Deluxe – How luxury lost its lusture” by Dana Thomas, 2007

Recommendation by: Tina Sendlhofer, PhD student at Misum



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