The Misum report ”Walking the talk” in Huffington Post

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Yesterday, Sunday 13:th of December, a text on the Misum report ”Walking the talk” by Lin Leopold, Uta Hönemann and Elisabet Ålander was published on The Huffington Post website. We are happy that our report is out there, and hope that our work will inspire organizations and institutions in other countries to conduct similar research. It is through spreading this knowledge that we can achieve a lasting positive change.

Volkswagen’s ”Dieselgate” has intensified the debate on corporate sustainability greenwashing. Although companies have increasingly professionalized their sustainability communication, external stakeholders are also voicing their concerns that there is more ”talk” than ”walk” in practice. 

In our recent study, ”Walking the Talk”, we explored how Sweden’s largest listed companies communicate and follow up on their sustainability work. We hoped to contribute with an external and independent stakeholder perspective on the interpretation of companies’ own publicly available sustainability information…”

Read the whole blogpost here.


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